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What is Eazybed®?

Making the right choice when it comes to home care beds, can be rather difficult and perplexing. But not anymore!
Eazybed® is proud to introduce its newest home care line, which is the culmination of vast experience and years of success in the field of manufacturing medical furniture.
Buying a home care bed can also be costly, impractical and uncalled for, that is why, Eazybed® is bent on providing practical leasing solutions that enhances the lives of our customers and their patients.
Eazybed® is determined to provide our customers with safer, more convenient and more practical medical solutions, by bringing optimum-quality hospital care, into the comfort of our own homes.


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Why Eazybed® Rent? Not Buy!

Buying and maintaining specialized medical care products can be rather costly. It can also be impractical and uncalled for; especially if the product is going to be used temporarily or for a designated period of time.
That is where Eazybed® pitches in to offer its practical leasing solutions. With Eazybed®, the patient can enjoy high-technology medical innovation of the Eazybed®, without having to invest huge amounts of cash in the process.
You can rent Eazybed®, for as long as you want… Then return it, the minute you want!

You may ask, do i need it?

Eazybed® is an electric home care bed that easily fits into the infrastructure of your home and thus doesn’t look like a hospital bed.
Eazybed® indeed improves the health of your loved ones providing comfortable sleep at night time.
Eazybed® is a highly specialized nursing bed, it uses intelligent motor control systems to ensure maximum comfort and positioning assistance for the user.
Eazybed® has an easy to use electrical control that adjusts the positioning of the upper body knees.
The choice of wooden finishes, side rails and accessories allow the Eazybed® to provide solutions such as increased user safety and the ability to promote and maintain independence.
Eazybed® has four sections, two are fixed and the others can be elevated by two electric motors, The head and foot boards are made from high quality wood.
Low voltage handset & control system for the back and leg sections, The bed is supplied with a pair of ABS collapsible side rails.


L:200 cm x W:90 cm x H:50 cm.


Advanced DC motor system with a remote control.

Backrest Lifting / Knee-break Lifting

0 – 80° / 0 – 40°.

Body & Frame

ABS/ Aluminum Collapsible Side Rails (3/4 length) integrated with high quality wooden head and foot boards, Moreover the frame is made from steel with special Anti-Rust powder coating.

Sleep Surface

Zinc-plated steel with powder coating steel grid with good aeration design.
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